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March 15, 2017

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, discusses her concerns with legislation that could create a carbon tax, and how it could affect her constituents. She goes into depth describing at length just what...

March 14, 2017

March 7, 2017

March 7, 2017

Hundreds of people lost homes and property as thousands of acres burned in the Okanogan region of North Central Washington during the summers of 2014 and 2015. Now two state lawmakers...

March 7, 2017

The Washington State House of Representatives approved legislation today to help communities threatened by, and recovering from, homelessness due to wildfires. House Bill 2010, sponsored by Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, allows...

March 6, 2017

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, discusses the Hirst decision and how it affects water use in her district. She also gives insight on how the Legislature is working to find a solution...

March 6, 2017

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, talks about why she voted against the House Democratic education funding plan and what it's going to take to work out a solution.

Feb. 27, 2017

Feb. 20, 2017

Sen. Shelly Short, R-Addy, and Reps. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, and Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, will host a telephone town hall meeting for their 7th District constituents on Thursday, Feb. 23. The community...

Feb. 15, 2017