Maycumber bill to reduce the cost of life-saving insulin passes state House

'Diabetes is a 24-hour disease and insulin is a life or death medicine,' says Maycumber

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber has sponsored several pieces of legislation in her career, including veterans bills, law enforcement legislation, wildfire bills, rural development proposals, and water bills.

However, the proposal she's heard about the most from emotional, thankful families from across the state has been, hands down, her bill to reduce the cost of life-saving insulin.

“Diabetes is a 24-hour disease and insulin is a life or death medicine,” said Maycumber, R-Republic. “The stories you hear – even as I've walked through the halls in Olympia – bring tears to your eyes. The stress of knowing that you or your loved one is potentially one missed dose away from death is enormous. It is all-consuming and it is ever-present.”

Maycumber, whose son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about a year ago, is the sponsor of House Bill 2662, which passed the House today, 97-1. The bill caps the price of a 30-day supply of insulin to $100 and creates the Total Cost of Insulin Work Group to study why insulin prices have risen so steeply and how they can be brought under control.

“We need both a short-term and long-term solution to this issue,” said Maycumber, who is the House Republican Floor leader and also serves on the House Health Care and Wellness Committee. “Families need relief now. The price of insulin has increased by more than five hundred percent over the last decade. We need some predictability and stability to the costs associated with insulin, which, frankly, have been lacking.

“We also need to know why prices are going up and if other countries, like Canada and Mexico, are seeing the same increases,” said Maycumber. “I think there are times when United States citizens end up subsidizing the costs of prescription drugs for other countries. Is this one of them?

“Along with the temporary two-year pricing cap, we will look into the nontransparent drug pricing,” Maycumber said. “With the task force in place, the consumer will become a stakeholder.”

Maycumber's bill now moves to the Senate, which has also passed similar legislation.

The 60-day 2020 legislative session is scheduled to end March 12.


Washington State House Republican Communications