Maycumber calls new legislation to reduce penalties for drive-by shooting murders a ‘tragedy in the making’

“…our children and families will be less safe in their own homes and even their own beds,” says Maycumber

Under provisions of a bill prefiled recently in anticipation of the 2022 legislative session, criminals who murder someone while engaging in drive-by shootings would receive lesser sentences. In addition, those previously convicted of drive-by shooting murders would have to be resentenced.

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, House Republican Floor Leader, and former law enforcement officer, issued the following statement concerning House Bill 1692, which was introduced by Democrats in the state House of Representatives:

“The Defund the Police movement pushed by progressives in this state brought forth a package of law enforcement ‘reform’ bills during the 2021 legislative session that, in the end, have made families and communities less safe, law enforcement less effective, and criminals more emboldened. With numerous editorials, columns, newspaper articles, radio and television stories highlighting these dangerous bills, you’d think the Legislature had learned its lesson. But here we are again, at the cusp of adopting new policies to coddle criminals at the expense of our safety.

“My constituents continually ask me: ‘Why are some in Olympia so intent on going easy on violent criminals? Why are the rights of criminals more important than the rights of victims?’ I have no answer. It simply doesn’t make sense. I certainly am not hearing from constituents asking me to go easy on those who commit violent crimes. My constituents are not asking me to reduce sentences for violent criminals and sex offenders.

“Washington state is already seeing a surge in violent crime which is currently at a 25-year high, with murders at an all-time high in 2020, up 80 percent from five years ago. Rape is up 40 percent from five years ago and aggravated assaults are up 50 percent from five years ago. In light of this, why are some elected officials so intent on making it easier to be a violent criminal and releasing murderers back onto our streets?

“House Bill 1692 is a tragedy in the making as our children and families will be less safe in their own homes and even their own beds. This bill will allow those who have committed murder when engaged in drive-by shootings to get out of jail sooner.”

The 60-day 2022 legislative session begins Jan. 10.


Washington State House Republican Communications