Legislators condemn Gov. Inslee for his office’s complaint, resulting in the shutdown of Kettle Falls School District

The Kettle Falls School District shut down today in response to a complaint from Gov. Jay Inslee's office after the school board's recent decision to unmask students.

Lawmakers from the 7th Legislative District, Sen. Shelly Short, R-Addy, and Reps. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, and Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, sent a letter to the governor condemning his actions and issued the following statement:

“We need to move away from politically motivated actions and start moving towards recognizing the needs and safety of our children.  They've done everything we've asked for more than 700 days and they are the ones who have borne the brunt of this pandemic. 

“Our children need to get back to normal.  This is not the time to play politics or allow egos to get in the way of what's best for our children.  The governor needs to accept L&I's initial ruling and not break faith with the students, parents, and community of Kettle Falls.”

The letter to Gov. Inslee is below. Click on the image to view a larger PDF or go here.


Washington State House Republican Communications