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Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber gives an update on the Democrat's comprehensive sex education bill, which would mandate sex ed in all grades, including K-3. She urges continued involvement from parents, teachers, school...

March 6, 2020

Rep. Maycumber discusses the state's $2.4 billion surplus, the recently released House Democratic budget proposal, and the need for $30 car tabs and significant property tax relief.

Feb. 25, 2020

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber explains her opposition to legislation that will increase B&O taxes for many Washington employers. The bill caps what large companies, like Microsoft, will pay.

Feb. 12, 2020

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, appears on Inside Olympia to discuss challenges facing the state in public safety and what types of changes could make the biggest difference in the future.

Feb. 6, 2020

Rep. Maycumber, a former law enforcement officer, introduces legislation to increase law enforcement, improve training and allow more officers in underserved communities.

Jan. 28, 2020

Jan. 8, 2020

Rep. Maycumber talks about three bad bills coming out of Olympia: Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the “check-the-box” primary bill, and the the public option health care legislation.

March 21, 2019

March 4, 2019

Rep. Maycumber talks about why her district is “7th District Strong!” and who her role model is, as well as her legislative priorities.

March 1, 2019

Rep. Maycumber discusses her bill to help veterans in rural counties access services and programs they have earned, as well as her concerns with Gov. Inslee's “reduced option” healthcare plan.

Feb. 6, 2019